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UP-2008 Series High speed universal programmer

Performance and functions:
Apply "UP-ALL Platform", 256 pins universal driving;
Support devices with VCC from 1.2V to 6.2V.
USB2.0 port, compatible to USB1.1 port.
With high CPU, have high speed of program. program 128 Mb NOR FLASH memory in 12 seconds.
support the biggest arrays up to 16X16;

Support big size of memory, for example 2Gb NAND flash;
Well Adapters design: one BGA socket adapter with package, suit for 0.75mm and 0.8mm pin pitch BGA FLASH;
Have different socket adapter suit for different chips, for example: BGA40 adapter (0.5mm),EBGA64 adapter(1.00 mm ),TSOP48-56,SOP8 socket adapter etc..
Auto-test short circuit or bad contact of devices, with intuitionist graphics;
Error-test automatism: program failed, will alarm sound;
Advanced FIFO communication methods, full auto-check during program; it makes your box and programming safe and correct;
Asynchronous one to all program: with one computer, you can run at most 8 UP-2008 programmer;
Batch program mode, suit for industry batch production, automatism detection tech, operation automatism;
In the warranty period, and match the warranty coverage, the Programmer can be exchanged free in one year; free repair in three years.

Hardware specification:
P/N: UP-2008 Series High Speed Universal Programmer;
Short in name: UP-2008;
Product size: 310MM X 175MM X 45MM;
Product outer covering: Iron or aluminum alloy outer covering;
Adapter plug: 3 sets European socket;
Production craft: SMT production craft

Software specification:
Software Language: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, or English;
Contact surface size: 800px * 600px;
Software update: free update on website.

System request:
System interface: USB port computer; auto-adapt USB2.0 or USB1.1; or with PCI to USB adapter;
System memory: 64MB memory in mini;
Operating system: Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 system in Chinese or English;
CD-Rom: for software installation;
System interface: USB2.0 (compatible USB1.0/1.1);
Hard disk space: 450MB hard disk space or more.



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